Why You Should Go for a Remedial Massage Now

Why You Should Go for a Remedial Massage Now

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Remedial MassageWe all know how relaxing a massage can be. In fact, because of its rising popularity, you can find somebody offering it in every few blocks, whether it’s in your neighborhood spa, hotel or wellness center. However, with so many “practitioners” out there, it is easy to be skeptical as to whether they all deliver what they promise. 

I wanted to be sure to go to a licensed therapist who uses proven techniques. This is why I researched on the Internet as to which types are the most beneficial, especially for active people like me. After all, as an athlete, I do not want to leave my muscles and joints in the hands of someone inexperienced. 

Traditional massage has a long tradition of being a holistic treatment way before modern medicine began. I learned this when I went online to visit Freedom Chinese Medicine website. As I read a bit more about their treatments, the more convinced I became that I found the right place to go for a session. This is because their methods are deeply rooted in the centuries-old practice that is also perfect for sports recovery. As I read more about remedial massage benefits, I was astonished as to how a skilled touch could lead to so much good for me.

As opposed to a normal massage at your spa or wellness center, remedial massage is a healing treatment. It can be applied to the deep tissue and use gentle or strong strokes. Those whose muscles or tendons are damaged, knotted or tense can help get them relaxed after a session with a qualified therapist. The idea is to not just address those knots that form on your back, but to go directly to the root cause of the problem to promote full healing. Because it works deeper into your tissues, the effects are deeper and long lasting.

Athletes and those suffering from injury can greatly benefit from a remedial massage because it can help heal damage and moreover, prevent future issues. Pain and muscle stiffness are symptoms of trigger points. These are the tiny contraction of fibers in muscle tissue bands that have remained contracted for a long time. Stress, accidents, falls and muscle overuse are the most common root cause. Once your therapist finds these trigger points, he/she will trace it to the deeper cause, the area of damage. With some specialized movements, scar tissue will be broken down and healing is encouraged. 

Other than the usual neck and back pain, remedial massage can also help those who suffer from tension headaches, frozen shoulder, arthritis, tennis elbow, muscle cramps, stress and delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS). At the same time, it brings a positive effect to different systems of the body: 

The Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems

This therapy can encourage the flow of blood to tissues being massaged and reduce the pain or swelling through increasing lymphatic flow. Blood circulation affects the functionality of the internal organs. When blood circulates properly within the organs, the body functions normally and efficiently. Through massage therapy, blood circulation is improved preventing pain and abnormality in the different body parts.

Muscular System

The strokes of the massage stretch tight muscles, as well as relax and release overused ones. Additionally, spasms and cramping can be reduced and tissue regeneration is encouraged. Hardened muscles usually cause other body pains such as headache and neck ache because the circulation of blood towards these parts are disrupted.

Endocrine and Hormonal Systems

Studies have proven that a session promotes the decrease in cortisol. This is produced when you experience stress and pain. Moreover, massage increases serotonin and dopamine levels, which helps improve your mood, as well as help you relax and manage pain. At the end of the treatment, you will feel less anxious, more concentrated and energized. Those with problems with sleep can also see benefits.


When the therapist works on specific muscles around a joint, it can promote the range of motion and help in strengthening and stabilizing the joint. After massage therapy, normality of bodily movements is achieved.

These benefits can be felt even after your first 30-minute session. If you have just had an injury, you can go for treatment after 72 hours to facilitate healing. For continued healing and improved function, you can also choose to have it done regularly. If you are an especially active athlete, incorporating remedial massage in your normal routine will even help you improve your performance and avoid any condition from worsening.

In fact, you will learn to really appreciate it once you go for a session. For me personally, it was simply perfect, especially after a workout. Not only was I relaxed after being so active, but I could feel that recovery became easier and faster afterward. I am just so satisfied that there is remedial massage to rely on every time I feel pain. This is also why I recommend this remedy to my family and friends.

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