Post-Workout Massage to Enhance Your Sport Performance

Post-Workout Massage to Enhance Your Sport Performance

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physiotherapySince becoming a patient at my physiotherapy clinic, I had learned a lot about my body and how it works and moves. I had been able to use this knowledge as well to improve how I train and play sports. Not only does this help me reduce the pain I had usually experienced, but I have also managed to avoid injury. The many different treatments offered by the practice certainly promote a better life quality, as highlighted when you visit

Because their practice is backed up by science and has proven to have great results, I have decided as well to try out their post-workout massage treatment instead of getting one at the spa. Although those ordinary ones do make me feel relaxed, I wanted to experience one that will also bring benefits after a strenuous exercise regimen. I had heard about how a post-workout massage is good for us, specifically in the following ways:

Improving Flexibility

Our muscles become very constricted when we are working out, and they remain tense for a while afterward. Going for a massage post-workout will help this tension to be released from the muscles so they return to their normal state. Additionally, this will help us become more flexible, and say goodbye to having difficulty even with simple movements like bending down or squatting after exercise. Moreover, it can improve our performance in sports. For example, runners like me can ask for a massage that will target the hamstrings, and we can actually increase our endurance and speed.

Promote Muscle Recovery

After an intense workout, our muscles need to, of course, recover. Though this happens naturally, a massage can fast track this by improving circulation in our body. This means important nutrients and oxygen get to the muscles and tissues quickly. It can also help us exercise better later on, as more oxygen is available in our blood stream.

Relieve Pain

As athletes, we know that pain is common after a workout or a game. This is actually caused by muscles that are consistently tense and tight. Over time, this soreness and aching will get worse and might lead to serious injury. Going for a post-workout body massage will address the swelling and throbbing.

Increase Range of Motion

As the massage makes your muscles less tight after exercise, they operate in their normal relaxed state. This allows your joints to also perform at its usual range of motion. Without that relaxing treatment, your movements become restricted. 

Rest and Relaxation

The touch of a qualified massage therapist can not only help relieve pain and promote healing, it can bring a whole host of psychological benefits as well. Just like in the spa, you feel instantly clear, relaxed and less stressed while lying on that table. This goes the same after a workout. After strenuous exercise, your body is very tense and you might have lost a lot of energy. 

Going for a relaxing massage can help you recover and rest. Even your mind gets clear of all that clutter that bothers you daily. At the same time, you are able to sleep better later on in the night. You are then able to fully recover and wake up without any fatigue. This leaves you ready and motivated for another day of being active.

If you still doubt that this is truly beneficial, you can even refer to studies that prove and explain the effect in a scientific way. One specific research looked at the muscle tissues of those who went through and didn’t go through a massage after exercise. They discovered that massage was able to switch on the genes responsible for decreasing inflammation. 

At the same time, other genes that promote the creation of mitochondria, where energy is stored in our cells, becomes activated during a massage. More mitochondria are good because fitter muscle cells tend to have them in larger numbers. This is because they help get and use oxygen. Although exercise doubles the amount of mitochondria as well, combining it with a post-workout massage can increase their numbers even more. This can ultimately lead to enhanced muscle growth and recovery.

Science has even backed up the benefits that can be felt by booking a session after exercise or practicing sports. This is, for me, the most important because I want to be sure that I am always doing the best for my body. When you are an active athlete like me, you want to stay active and healthy for as long as possible because being stuck in a bed or being less mobile is unimaginable. This is why I have decided to include post-workout massages in my ritual to continue to promote fitness and better performance of my body. What’s best is that they are also available at my physiotherapy clinic, which means I do not even have to go somewhere else to enjoy one.

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