How Drum Teachers Can Help You De-stress

How Drum Teachers Can Help You De-stress

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drumming-1As a kid, I have always dreamt of being able to play the drums. In fact, I tried out a few lessons with top drum teachers in Melbourne for serious drummers. I loved feeling the rhythm of music and when I listen to any song, I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics. I would always imagine how I would play it with the drums. In the time that I was playing, I remember having so much fun and really being so passionate about it. It simply brought me to a whole different place where I got lost in the beat.

Unfortunately, after a few lessons, I stopped taking classes though my love for the drums never died. Life just simply got in the way, and many years after, I simply forgot that I wanted to continue playing again. After reading a drumming blog and how playing the drums was therapeutic and beneficial for the author, I was reminded of my passion.

After some consideration and thought, I decided that it was finally time to fulfill my dream of learning the drums. As an adult, making this decision was harder, because I had work, relationships and other responsibilities that I have to juggle. Signing up for classes meant another commitment, however, I made this decision for myself, to achieve a dream. Moreover, playing the drums was also meant to provide me a creative and relaxing outlet for life’s daily stresses.

In fact, though many do not realize it, playing the drums can really be therapeutic. I remember being able to forget negative emotions whenever I had my drumsticks in my hands. In general, music can help people de-stress but the drums can be even more advantageous because of the following reasons:


  1. The Need to Focus

The drums require more coordination of different body parts compared to other musical instruments. Not only are you playing with both hands, but your foot also has to do some work. This requires more focus when you are playing, and this simple reason can already help you block all thoughts in your head. Had a hard day at work? You can quickly brush it out of your head the second you sit in front of the drums.


  1. Fun Equals Less Stress

When you are enjoying yourself, like I do when I play, you are able to relax your body and even reduce levels of stress hormones in your body. It is very important that your drum teacher will make the activity enjoyable because it is meant to be a recreational activity. Even those who want to be professional do it out of passion or to achieve a dream, but in the end, they still find enjoyment in it.


  1. Drum Away All Negative Emotions

Many people feel frustrated when they do not have an outlet for stress. Drumming, as a physical activity, can be the right answer for you. The act of hitting the drums will let you release whatever emotions you have deep down that you just need to let out. Try playing very quick beats to really be able to release all your worries. Of course, this does not mean hitting the drums so hard that they break, just play normally and you will still be able to unleash all frustration.


  1. Drumming As Self-Expression

Normally, our taste in music reflects our personality and allows us to express our true selves. This can be the same for drumming. The music you choose and every time you beat on the drum is a way to creatively letting out your thoughts and feelings. This is why sometimes we are drawn to fast and upbeat music when we are happy, or to rock music when we feel frustrated. Sometimes, when we feel that there are no words or no other way to let out what is in our minds and hearts, playing any instrument like the drums can be a great outlet.


  1. Drumming As Physical Activity

They always say that engaging in exercise releases endorphins, or what is known as “happy” hormones. The physical act of beating on the drums can also bring the same effect. You can really feel yourself feeling lighter and happier after a drum class, because of this reason.


  1. Try Out Group Drumming

There are special drumming classes that cater to groups, and they normally play together in a coordinated manner. Playing with other people can help you connect with them. Being able to emotionally bond with others lowers stress levels. This is because most people who feel isolated and overwhelmed with many responsibilities lack contact with people who can help them feel better. Being part of a drumming community can make you feel like you belong somewhere.

When you play the drums and experience lower stress levels, you also reap a whole lot of other benefits, like a better immune system and an overall well-being. This is why drumming is now being used to treat diseases and as part of medical therapy for various conditions. Who would have thought that by learning an instrument and simply engaging in a musical activity can bring so many added advantages?

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