Getting a Hair Perm for a Change

Getting a Hair Perm for a Change

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As I saw myself in the mirror, I cannot help but feel good about my new look. My new hairstyle seemingly brought a whole new person in front of me. My’after-salon’ look definitely exceeded my expectations. I no longer needed to worry about bad hair days and haggard mornings. From that moment on in the same Rakis on Collins salon, I did the same routine every eight months on the average. I spend hours sitting on the salon chair waiting for my hair to be tamed once more through hair perm.

I first entertained the idea of perming my hair a few years ago. It was when my hair became too hard to manage. I was investing a significant amount of time every morning which soon became impractical especially for a working young adult like me. A friend referred me to a stylist in the aforementioned salon. Before proceeding to the salon, however, I took time researching about hair perm. According to my research, hair perming has long been discovered and used by hairdressers. With the use of chemicals and equipment, stylists can make customers’ hairs straight, wavy, or curled for as long as weeks and months. Perming has been subjected to criticism because of possible side effects of chemicals on the skin or scalp upon contact. Modern technology, on a positive note, has enabled the creation of less hazardous chemicals which may still lead to the same or better results.

After being convinced that hair perm was the solution I have been looking for, I then started checking on perming hairstyles. These may vary from waves, curls, to straight hair. Additional enhancement brought about by perming is more volume and better texture. Thus, perming is indeed a complete package for a hair makeover.  Before undergoing the procedure, I consulted a stylist first. This is to ensure that the right treatments and will be applied unto my hair. I had hesitations because as I researched about it, I also found negative reviews on hair perming. A mistake in performing hair perm on one’s hair can result into brittle hair. This means it is susceptible to breakage or worse temporary or permanent hair loss. In line with danger posed by improperly performed perming, I chose to avail hair perming in a trusted salon even though it can be done at home personally.

Since my hair is naturally straight, I chose the semi-wavy perm. According to the stylist, it best fits the shape my face. They suggested that I have my hair cut to medium length to get rid of split ends and give way for better penetration of the treatments. They told me that the coluring may be applied with the treatment since hair colouring is not suggested after the perm is achieved.

I availed the salon’s digital perm services. It, however, still involved chemicals. The procedure is composed of several actions. My hair was first divided into sections. Per section, proportional amount of the treatment is applied. After application, they used a rod which acts as the molder of my hair in order to be curled. The rods were attached to a larger machine, after being subjected to the rods, additional chemicals were applied on my hair. This is to ensure that my hair captures the wavy structure.

Aside from being satisfied with the results, the service in the salon is one of a kind. My experience during my first hair perm was unforgettable. The stylists assisted me in choosing the style I wanted and gave me tips on how to maintain my perm. They recommended I use shampoo and conditioner made specially for permed hair for the first few weeks. They also suggested that I do not immediately apply treatments on my hair like hair color. It was also mentioned that as much as possible, I should avoid using heated tools like flat hair iron or hair dryer. Lastly, they suggested that I use wide-toothed comb.

Having my hair permed undeniably turned out well for me. It required a few to no extra care apart from hair product usage. I suggest that those who want to have their hair treated through perming that they undertake the precautions I have mentioned.

The only reason one needs in order to be convinced that research and stylist consultation are needed is the fact that results from perming lasts “permanently.” This suggests that you have to regrow your hair totally and have the perms cut out. Thus, inadequate research may lead to undesirable outcomes which may not be reversed, well not until a couple of months or a year.

Though modern technology significantly reduced unwanted results, it costs no harm to research beforehand. I did not undergo hair perming for the sake of changing myself completely. It was primarily for practicality purposes. Whatever one’s reason is, hair perm is a readily available option in salons.

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