A Trip to the Dentist

A Trip to the Dentist

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dental check-upThoughts running on my mind like tornado creating havoc in a town so small, that exactly what happens every time the word dentist is mentioned to me. It may sound a little exaggerated, nevertheless true to what I have experienced. Perhaps, the fear is a result of negative programming during my growing up years or just self-imposed. Well, the reasons may be rooted somewhere, but what I urgently need at the moment is one impeccable dental experience to change my mindset, eliminating the irrational fear.

In Australia where I live, or in any other country, endless possibilities happen when going for a dental check up. I’m thinking of possibilities like the anesthesia fails and you feel the pain right in the middle of tooth extraction. Or the mustache of the dentist paired with the very act of seeing the pointy needle sends shivers to your spine. There’s also the possibility of booking the wrong dentist, worse he or she may not be legitimate at all. The danger of complications like bleeding gums, intolerable post-operation pain, or allergic reaction is always there. Okay, I’m panicky that’s why I have all these mental imagery, but I guess, it always pays to be nervous sometimes to become better prepared. Here are tips from a distressed patient like me.

Foremost of all, one needs to understand that there is a wide spectrum of dental services; it’s not always that you will undergo something terrifying. It depends on your dental needs, and what better way there is to know your dental need than to book the right dentist. You may go over your local directory or approach the nearest public hospital to get referrals. Whatever is convenient for you in gathering information, just do it. As for me, I am just glad I was rightfully referred by a trusted friend to Domain Dental in Melbourne. It was just perfect for a soft-hearted female like me because the people there, from the staff to the dentist, are all warm, and approachable yet equally competent.

So yes, that’s a tip right there. When going for a dentist, always do a little research. Start with the background information of both the dental clinic and the dentist, and then observe. The way they treat you can sometimes tell how they will care for you when you’re already seated on the dental chair. Although this does not necessarily hold true all the time, nonetheless appearances and gestures matter. When you appear and act cold, more likely you will be cold, if not rough, to the patient, and there are psychological studies to back this up.

Be specific with your concerns and openly convey them to your dentist. Communication is key. Remember that it always takes two to tango. You can’t just leave all work to dentists. The dentist you chose cannot know your dental problem as comprehensively as he or she wants to unless you talk. Well, they can see that you have rotten teeth or smell that you have halitosis, but they need confirmation from you. Your personal observation can provide them insights to create the picture. Who knows, a simple case of halitosis is secondary to a medical condition apart from the tooth decay. On my part, I’ve always been vocal as to my pain threshold or the preceding events before my toothache appeared. Before going to the dentist then, do your part and take mental note of your concerns.

Consider money. This last tip may appear too icy or stoic for some people, but I still suggest considering money when going for a dental visit. Number one because it helps you decide where to look for, and number two, because you plan your treatment according to what budget allows. There are clinics that offer dental emergencies, consultations, and other services for free, you may avail them. I am keen with choosing dentists, so I stick to a trusted one. But whenever there are less evasive services offered by other clinics such as tooth cleaning, I take advantage of the freebie. And to me, that is perfectly okay so long as the treatment plan I have with my dentist is not interrupted. I am also expressive, I don’t keep secrets from my dentist. Remember always the vital role of communication. Both parties have to open especially when it comes to seeking alternatives.

All the outlined tips won’t prevent dentists from extracting your tooth, no way, they do what they think is right for you. But the tips help you get better prepared on your next dental visit. With preparation comes a better understanding of the procedures and of the person who will be tinkering and pull this and that tooth. I still feel a little anxious even until today, but I am not as helpless. It’s anxiety, the manageable kind.

If you would like to know more about the dentist I went to, please visit domaindental.com.au.

A Closer Look at the Health Benefits of Lemons

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Benefits of LemonAside from the fact that it makes for an excellent ingredient for marinating and its zest makes for an excellent flavor addition to pastries, lemons are truly marvelous fruits that are packed with all the nutrients you will ever need to stay healthy. In fact, with so many health benefits of lemon it is no wonder why some people call it the wonder fruit. From detoxification to immune system enhancement to tissue repair and regeneration to weight loss enhancements to skin health changes, there simply are so many benefits that drinking a warm glass of lemon every single morning can do for you.

Here are some of the wonderful health benefits of lemon.

Boosts the Immune System

Vitamin C has always been equated with strengthening of the immune system. It should be noted that the immune system is not a single organ system and is actually composed of many cells and tissues working together to ward off infection. The ‘saponin’ contained in lemons have been shown to be particularly effective in its antimicrobial properties. Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C also has an excellent anti-inflammatory effects. It is also rich in potassium which can help stimulate optimum nervous system functioning which is an essential component in the immune system response. So, when your mom tells you to drink your warm glass of lemon juice, you might want to take it especially if you have cold and flu.

Aids in Healing

Without a doubt, the Vitamin C in lemons can help in tissue repair. It helps mitigate the effects of inflammation and allows injured tissues to heal properly. When tissues are irritated they undergo a series of physiologic and morphologic changes. The potassium found in lemons can help regulate blood pressure so that more blood is delivered to the injured tissues. This blood is filled with the necessary substances to help ward off infection as well as the essential building blocks for tissue repair and regeneration. That is why athletes and other individuals who are more susceptible to various tissue injuries have to take a lot of Vitamin c to help in tissue repair and regeneration. You don’t actually have to pop Vitamin C pills or get injections. A glass of lemonade every day should keep your tissues healthy.

Improves Skin Health

The human skin is naturally acidic, typically around a pH of 4.0 to 6.5, and is one of the primary defense mechanisms of the human body. The acidic environment helps neutralize certain microorganisms that are susceptible to an acidic environment in addition to helping skin cells grow. If the skin pH is alkaline, bacteria tend to grow and the skin cells do not function normally. This predisposes one to the development of acnes and other skin infections. Therefore, a key to having healthy glowing skin is to get lots of citrus fruits that are naturally rich in vitamin C.

Helps in Detoxification

A glass of warm lemon water every morning has been shown to be effective in stimulating bowel movements in patients with certain forms of cancers. This can greatly aid in better digestion and help facilitate the removal of unwanted toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. The naturally high concentration of substances found in lemons have also been shown to help improve the frequency and volume of urination leading experts to believe that lemon water can be an effective way of detoxification. The citric acid component of lemons can help enhance the function of protein enzyme systems which can greatly improve the function of the liver. This, in turn, enhances the rate at which toxins are metabolized, processed, and eliminated from the body.

Enhances Weight Loss Efforts

This should be a welcome news for people who want to lose weight. Lemons are quite high in pectin which has been shown by studies to be particularly beneficial in staving off hunger pangs. If you feel like your tummy will be grumbling anytime soon, downing a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice usually does the trick into forcing your brain to think that it is not yet hungry. But of course, if your last meal was last night and it is already 3 pm of the next day, then that is not healthy, too.

Lemon is not just an excellent fruit under the citrus family, it also does a lot of wonders for the health from the skin down to internal organs of the body. Best thing of all is that the fruit is generally cheap. You can even have a plant grow into a tree in your own garden. So, the next time you see lemons at the farmer’s market or grocery store, never leave without buying a handful of eat.

Important And Useful Information On Staying Young And Beautiful

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Portrait of happy smiling young beautiful woman in fitness wear holding grocery shopping bag with healthy vegetarian food, outdoors

Everyone wants to look youthful and beautiful for life. Looking young, stylish and fresh is part of looking healthy. First, it is important to understand what is meant beauty. Being attractive and admired are the attributes of being beautiful. Women with smooth skin and well-toned body are considered to be beautiful. To this add a killer smile, sound brain, and a kind heart. It turns out to be a classic beauty. Artificial makeup is not considered real beauty. In final, beauty is a complete combination of color, structure, form and aesthetic sense.

Perfect weight is perfect beauty
A clean and flawless skin alone does not radiate beauty. Perfect body weight is instrumental for looking beautiful. Maintaining an ideal weight can promote natural beauty. Excess fat can only make you look plump and unhealthy. Eating healthy and active adds to the beauty. Checking your weight and keeping it under control can make you look beautiful irrespective of your age.

Beautiful young woman drinking water after training

Define health
Health is comprehensive. It is a combination of physical and mental well-being. Health is not defined as the nonexistence of diseases. You present body weight determines you health. If you are either overweight or underweight, you will have health issues shortly. For a sound health, it is important to have a balanced body weight.

How to gain healthy weight?
Healthy weight is not about diet; it is all about a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle includes nutritional diet, controlled calories and physical exercise. If you control your weight your beauty is enhanced naturally. A healthy weight is vital to determine both your outer and inner beauty. A comprehensive weight management program is all about staying fit and beautiful irrespective of your biological age.

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Tip To Stay Beautiful And Healthy

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eating-healthyTo start with enjoying a well-balanced diet regularly. Natural food is the best way to remain healthy. Avoid junk and processed food as they can increase your weight and can lead to obesity. Whole grains, green vegetables, cereals, organic fruits, white meat and water. Skipping a meal to reduce weight can be detrimental to your health.

Start with a protein rich breakfast. The first meal of the day has to be rich and energized. It can help you start the day with full vigor. Burn excess calories by staying active. It can help to maintain a balanced body weight. Go green, walk instead of driving.

Skin-care-tips-in-order-to-stay-beautifulHygiene is also part of staying healthy and beautiful. Hygiene can help you stay free from diseases. Motivate yourself by staying young, healthy and beautiful. Just like how your face is important, care should be taken to cleanse your neck, chest, and arms. Keep your body hydrated and cleansed daily.

Stay away from harsh sunlight and pollution. Sweat and stress can also cause damage to your skin. To promote a smooth and flawless skin, it is important to maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and adequate sleep. Use products that can remain the dirt and grease from your skin. Ensure you use natural products. Chemical based beauty products can be harsh on the skin and can damage the cells.

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