A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Netball

A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Netball

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One of the indoor games that is fast-growing in popularity here in Australia in indoor netball. This indoor version of the 7-a-side netball obviously draws many of its game mechanics from basketball. It’s fun, very competitive, and always a great way to form and strengthen your camaraderie with your best buds. Unlike netball, however, indoor netball puts more emphasis on mixed-gender matches, although there are still all-men and all-women games. Here are some of the basic things you have to know about indoor netball.

The Game

As I already mentioned, indoor netball is an indoor version of netball. The court is typically smaller and all sides and the top are covered in net. This is to make sure that the ball will never bounce off the court and allow for a more continuous gameplay. The court is divided into two halves, unlike the netball where there are three sections. Each half is designated to a particular team. At the end of both halves are posts with a ring for shooting the ball into. It’s like basketball except that there is no board with which to bounce the ball off.

Each team is composed of 6 players, two each in the defence, attack, and centre positions. The defence players can only stay in their defence half of the court while attack players can only operate in the other half where the scoring is to be made. The centre players are your all-around players, running up and down the entire length of the court except that they cannot go inside the small circles on the court.

You don’t have to worry about where to play indoor netball since there are now establishments in Australia that provide venues for such a fast-paced game. These are buildings that come with all the facilities and equipment needed to play the sport.

The Game Play

Just like basketball, players have to pass the ball from their defensive end of the court to the offence and their goal. The only difference, of course, is that they don’t get to dribble with the ball. As such, it is all about the ability to throw a calculated pass and the commensurate ability to catch the ball and stand your ground. It also requires precision shooting through a hoop that is just big enough to allow the ball through and without the use of any backboards to angle it in.


Here comes the fun part. Scoring in indoor netball is all about shooting the ball through the goal ring. This isn’t really easy as it requires precision and good release by the hands so that it swishes straight through the hoop. Remember, there aren’t any backboards which you can use to angle your shots in. I found this a bit of getting used to, but it does sharpen your shooting skills.

If you shoot the ball within the goal semi-circle, you score a point for your team. If you were able to shoot the ball from outside the semi-circle, you get 2 points. It’s a lot similar to the 3-point arc in basketball. The team who gets more goals at the end of the 40-minute game wins.


Indoor netball defending strategy isn’t that really different from defending in a basketball game, except that this is a non-contact sport. The key, therefore, is to remain focused on the ball (this is, after all, what you need to score), but without losing awareness of your opponent’s movements. Your best chance of an interception is correct positioning and lightning-bolt quickness to intercept an incoming pass.

These should help you have a basic knowledge of the game. And if I happen to arouse your interest in the sport you may want to learn more about it by contacting your local indoor netball association.

How Cycling Changed My Life for the Better

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I have always been a fan of sports but I’ve never acknowledged that it is one of the many alleys where individuals may be able to enhance if not develop both physically and mentally. It was only a few months ago that I was made to realize this fact. By the time I am writing this, I already have a chosen or proposed sport which is cycling. To many, it is not considered a sport. However, with the fitness it has to offer, not to mention the numerous variations of cycling, it is definitely a sport.

As I mentioned, there are countless benefits both for health and fitness some of which I will mention before I tell my story. Cycling, compared to other sports, causes less strain. Still, it is considered a good muscle workout. Contrary to the image of most sports, cycling is easy to learn. It does not necessarily require special skills. I must say the obligatory claim that once you learn to ride a bicycle, you cannot forget or unlearn it.

According to a Sunday physio clinic in Melbourne, cycling as an activity enhances an individual’s overall strength and stamina as well as aerobic fitness. What is good about cycling is that the intensity is dependent on the cyclist’s preference. It may range from low intensity, when you just want to wander, up to high-intensity ones when you plan to consider it as a regular workout. Nonetheless, cycling is an enjoyable way to get fit – not that I am saying other ways of getting fit are not fun.

This activity has proven its worth in the field of health improvement particularly in the following instances. First, it has the ability to enhance one’s cardiovascular fitness. With constant movement wherein almost if not all of the body parts are being used, from eyes for sight until feet for paddling, increase endurance is assured. Second, in line with the first, this activity boosts the flexibility and joint mobility of the cyclist. Third, it fosters improvement of eye, hand and foot coordination. Fourth, it effectively reduces stress levels. Lastly, studies show that it also capable of lowering anxiety and depression as much as it lessens body fat.

Above the numerous benefits cycling has to offer, I loved biking as a pastime. I have trained a lot to be able to join professional cycling competitions. Aside from being a hobby and profession, the main reason why I started cycling is actually through an unconventional way. I have been diagnosed with a mild cardiovascular disease characterized by high blood pressure. If not immediately addressed, it may escalate to a worse one which may be manifested through a stroke.

As mentioned, cycling is known for being an effective means of improving a patient’s cardiovascular health. Though my condition back then was not alarming there were some symptoms which prompted me to go and see a doctor. It was recommended that I visit a physio clinic in Melbourne. I was given a tailor-fit treatment program.

I can vividly remember the practitioner claiming that cycling has been used since before to strengthen the endurance and performance of one’s heart and lungs. By engaging in this activity, blood circulation is nonetheless improved while it triggers the reduction of cardiovascular disease risks.

Given the multiple bodily movements, cycling certainly challenges heart muscles. However, one should not be worried the same way I was before. I mean, who wouldn’t be? I had a cardiovascular disease and yet they urged me to try out a sport which involved such. As I came to my senses and as the doctor explained it, cycling was recommended because it was proven effective in improving conditions like mine. At first, it was suggested that I spend no less than 8 hours per week for cycling. This program was supposed to energize and constantly revitalize the entirety of my mind and body as most sports do.

As I devote significant time to this activity to the point I actually invested in being a professional cyclist, I did encounter bumps on the road. Due to excessive enthusiasm to this sport, I carelessly undermined some precautions which led to mild to serious cycling injuries.

The day I had one of the worse injuries, I decided I would not be reckless in addressing these injuries. I went to a cycling physiotherapist, who’s from the same physio clinic which formerly recommended that I try cycling. Eventually, I learned that they were also into treating cycling related injuries.

Some of the most common ones are knee problems, body pains in general and the infamous anterior knee pain. In the physio clinic, I was treated by a professional who performed complete physical check-up before subjecting me into treatment programs. After undergoing those, in line with their assurance, my cycling unbelievably improved even after an awful injury.

People in the clinic even taught me techniques and practices in order to prevent or reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. Cycling done with diligence or a certain level of precaution can provide the best for one’s health. On the other hand, recklessness or excessiveness in this activity, which means not giving room for ample rest and setting of necessary precautions, can result to the contrary.

Getting a Hair Perm for a Change

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As I saw myself in the mirror, I cannot help but feel good about my new look. My new hairstyle seemingly brought a whole new person in front of me. My’after-salon’ look definitely exceeded my expectations. I no longer needed to worry about bad hair days and haggard mornings. From that moment on in the same Rakis on Collins salon, I did the same routine every eight months on the average. I spend hours sitting on the salon chair waiting for my hair to be tamed once more through hair perm.

I first entertained the idea of perming my hair a few years ago. It was when my hair became too hard to manage. I was investing a significant amount of time every morning which soon became impractical especially for a working young adult like me. A friend referred me to a stylist in the aforementioned salon. Before proceeding to the salon, however, I took time researching about hair perm. According to my research, hair perming has long been discovered and used by hairdressers. With the use of chemicals and equipment, stylists can make customers’ hairs straight, wavy, or curled for as long as weeks and months. Perming has been subjected to criticism because of possible side effects of chemicals on the skin or scalp upon contact. Modern technology, on a positive note, has enabled the creation of less hazardous chemicals which may still lead to the same or better results.

After being convinced that hair perm was the solution I have been looking for, I then started checking on perming hairstyles. These may vary from waves, curls, to straight hair. Additional enhancement brought about by perming is more volume and better texture. Thus, perming is indeed a complete package for a hair makeover.  Before undergoing the procedure, I consulted a stylist first. This is to ensure that the right treatments and will be applied unto my hair. I had hesitations because as I researched about it, I also found negative reviews on hair perming. A mistake in performing hair perm on one’s hair can result into brittle hair. This means it is susceptible to breakage or worse temporary or permanent hair loss. In line with danger posed by improperly performed perming, I chose to avail hair perming in a trusted salon even though it can be done at home personally.

Since my hair is naturally straight, I chose the semi-wavy perm. According to the stylist, it best fits the shape my face. They suggested that I have my hair cut to medium length to get rid of split ends and give way for better penetration of the treatments. They told me that the coluring may be applied with the treatment since hair colouring is not suggested after the perm is achieved.

I availed the salon’s digital perm services. It, however, still involved chemicals. The procedure is composed of several actions. My hair was first divided into sections. Per section, proportional amount of the treatment is applied. After application, they used a rod which acts as the molder of my hair in order to be curled. The rods were attached to a larger machine, after being subjected to the rods, additional chemicals were applied on my hair. This is to ensure that my hair captures the wavy structure.

Aside from being satisfied with the results, the service in the salon is one of a kind. My experience during my first hair perm was unforgettable. The stylists assisted me in choosing the style I wanted and gave me tips on how to maintain my perm. They recommended I use shampoo and conditioner made specially for permed hair for the first few weeks. They also suggested that I do not immediately apply treatments on my hair like hair color. It was also mentioned that as much as possible, I should avoid using heated tools like flat hair iron or hair dryer. Lastly, they suggested that I use wide-toothed comb.

Having my hair permed undeniably turned out well for me. It required a few to no extra care apart from hair product usage. I suggest that those who want to have their hair treated through perming that they undertake the precautions I have mentioned.

The only reason one needs in order to be convinced that research and stylist consultation are needed is the fact that results from perming lasts “permanently.” This suggests that you have to regrow your hair totally and have the perms cut out. Thus, inadequate research may lead to undesirable outcomes which may not be reversed, well not until a couple of months or a year.

Though modern technology significantly reduced unwanted results, it costs no harm to research beforehand. I did not undergo hair perming for the sake of changing myself completely. It was primarily for practicality purposes. Whatever one’s reason is, hair perm is a readily available option in salons.

How Drum Teachers Can Help You De-stress

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drumming-1As a kid, I have always dreamt of being able to play the drums. In fact, I tried out a few lessons with top drum teachers in Melbourne for serious drummers. I loved feeling the rhythm of music and when I listen to any song, I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics. I would always imagine how I would play it with the drums. In the time that I was playing, I remember having so much fun and really being so passionate about it. It simply brought me to a whole different place where I got lost in the beat.

Unfortunately, after a few lessons, I stopped taking classes though my love for the drums never died. Life just simply got in the way, and many years after, I simply forgot that I wanted to continue playing again. After reading a drumming blog and how playing the drums was therapeutic and beneficial for the author, I was reminded of my passion.

After some consideration and thought, I decided that it was finally time to fulfill my dream of learning the drums. As an adult, making this decision was harder, because I had work, relationships and other responsibilities that I have to juggle. Signing up for classes meant another commitment, however, I made this decision for myself, to achieve a dream. Moreover, playing the drums was also meant to provide me a creative and relaxing outlet for life’s daily stresses.

In fact, though many do not realize it, playing the drums can really be therapeutic. I remember being able to forget negative emotions whenever I had my drumsticks in my hands. In general, music can help people de-stress but the drums can be even more advantageous because of the following reasons:


  1. The Need to Focus

The drums require more coordination of different body parts compared to other musical instruments. Not only are you playing with both hands, but your foot also has to do some work. This requires more focus when you are playing, and this simple reason can already help you block all thoughts in your head. Had a hard day at work? You can quickly brush it out of your head the second you sit in front of the drums.


  1. Fun Equals Less Stress

When you are enjoying yourself, like I do when I play, you are able to relax your body and even reduce levels of stress hormones in your body. It is very important that your drum teacher will make the activity enjoyable because it is meant to be a recreational activity. Even those who want to be professional do it out of passion or to achieve a dream, but in the end, they still find enjoyment in it.


  1. Drum Away All Negative Emotions

Many people feel frustrated when they do not have an outlet for stress. Drumming, as a physical activity, can be the right answer for you. The act of hitting the drums will let you release whatever emotions you have deep down that you just need to let out. Try playing very quick beats to really be able to release all your worries. Of course, this does not mean hitting the drums so hard that they break, just play normally and you will still be able to unleash all frustration.


  1. Drumming As Self-Expression

Normally, our taste in music reflects our personality and allows us to express our true selves. This can be the same for drumming. The music you choose and every time you beat on the drum is a way to creatively letting out your thoughts and feelings. This is why sometimes we are drawn to fast and upbeat music when we are happy, or to rock music when we feel frustrated. Sometimes, when we feel that there are no words or no other way to let out what is in our minds and hearts, playing any instrument like the drums can be a great outlet.


  1. Drumming As Physical Activity

They always say that engaging in exercise releases endorphins, or what is known as “happy” hormones. The physical act of beating on the drums can also bring the same effect. You can really feel yourself feeling lighter and happier after a drum class, because of this reason.


  1. Try Out Group Drumming

There are special drumming classes that cater to groups, and they normally play together in a coordinated manner. Playing with other people can help you connect with them. Being able to emotionally bond with others lowers stress levels. This is because most people who feel isolated and overwhelmed with many responsibilities lack contact with people who can help them feel better. Being part of a drumming community can make you feel like you belong somewhere.

When you play the drums and experience lower stress levels, you also reap a whole lot of other benefits, like a better immune system and an overall well-being. This is why drumming is now being used to treat diseases and as part of medical therapy for various conditions. Who would have thought that by learning an instrument and simply engaging in a musical activity can bring so many added advantages?

Why You Should Go for a Remedial Massage Now

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Remedial MassageWe all know how relaxing a massage can be. In fact, because of its rising popularity, you can find somebody offering it in every few blocks, whether it’s in your neighborhood spa, hotel or wellness center. However, with so many “practitioners” out there, it is easy to be skeptical as to whether they all deliver what they promise. 

I wanted to be sure to go to a licensed therapist who uses proven techniques. This is why I researched on the Internet as to which types are the most beneficial, especially for active people like me. After all, as an athlete, I do not want to leave my muscles and joints in the hands of someone inexperienced. 

Traditional massage has a long tradition of being a holistic treatment way before modern medicine began. I learned this when I went online to visit Freedom Chinese Medicine website. As I read a bit more about their treatments, the more convinced I became that I found the right place to go for a session. This is because their methods are deeply rooted in the centuries-old practice that is also perfect for sports recovery. As I read more about remedial massage benefits, I was astonished as to how a skilled touch could lead to so much good for me.

As opposed to a normal massage at your spa or wellness center, remedial massage is a healing treatment. It can be applied to the deep tissue and use gentle or strong strokes. Those whose muscles or tendons are damaged, knotted or tense can help get them relaxed after a session with a qualified therapist. The idea is to not just address those knots that form on your back, but to go directly to the root cause of the problem to promote full healing. Because it works deeper into your tissues, the effects are deeper and long lasting.

Athletes and those suffering from injury can greatly benefit from a remedial massage because it can help heal damage and moreover, prevent future issues. Pain and muscle stiffness are symptoms of trigger points. These are the tiny contraction of fibers in muscle tissue bands that have remained contracted for a long time. Stress, accidents, falls and muscle overuse are the most common root cause. Once your therapist finds these trigger points, he/she will trace it to the deeper cause, the area of damage. With some specialized movements, scar tissue will be broken down and healing is encouraged. 

Other than the usual neck and back pain, remedial massage can also help those who suffer from tension headaches, frozen shoulder, arthritis, tennis elbow, muscle cramps, stress and delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS). At the same time, it brings a positive effect to different systems of the body: 

The Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems

This therapy can encourage the flow of blood to tissues being massaged and reduce the pain or swelling through increasing lymphatic flow. Blood circulation affects the functionality of the internal organs. When blood circulates properly within the organs, the body functions normally and efficiently. Through massage therapy, blood circulation is improved preventing pain and abnormality in the different body parts.

Muscular System

The strokes of the massage stretch tight muscles, as well as relax and release overused ones. Additionally, spasms and cramping can be reduced and tissue regeneration is encouraged. Hardened muscles usually cause other body pains such as headache and neck ache because the circulation of blood towards these parts are disrupted.

Endocrine and Hormonal Systems

Studies have proven that a session promotes the decrease in cortisol. This is produced when you experience stress and pain. Moreover, massage increases serotonin and dopamine levels, which helps improve your mood, as well as help you relax and manage pain. At the end of the treatment, you will feel less anxious, more concentrated and energized. Those with problems with sleep can also see benefits.


When the therapist works on specific muscles around a joint, it can promote the range of motion and help in strengthening and stabilizing the joint. After massage therapy, normality of bodily movements is achieved.

These benefits can be felt even after your first 30-minute session. If you have just had an injury, you can go for treatment after 72 hours to facilitate healing. For continued healing and improved function, you can also choose to have it done regularly. If you are an especially active athlete, incorporating remedial massage in your normal routine will even help you improve your performance and avoid any condition from worsening.

In fact, you will learn to really appreciate it once you go for a session. For me personally, it was simply perfect, especially after a workout. Not only was I relaxed after being so active, but I could feel that recovery became easier and faster afterward. I am just so satisfied that there is remedial massage to rely on every time I feel pain. This is also why I recommend this remedy to my family and friends.

Post-Workout Massage to Enhance Your Sport Performance

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physiotherapySince becoming a patient at my physiotherapy clinic, I had learned a lot about my body and how it works and moves. I had been able to use this knowledge as well to improve how I train and play sports. Not only does this help me reduce the pain I had usually experienced, but I have also managed to avoid injury. The many different treatments offered by the practice certainly promote a better life quality, as highlighted when you visit http://wyndhamrehab.com.au.

Because their practice is backed up by science and has proven to have great results, I have decided as well to try out their post-workout massage treatment instead of getting one at the spa. Although those ordinary ones do make me feel relaxed, I wanted to experience one that will also bring benefits after a strenuous exercise regimen. I had heard about how a post-workout massage is good for us, specifically in the following ways:

Improving Flexibility

Our muscles become very constricted when we are working out, and they remain tense for a while afterward. Going for a massage post-workout will help this tension to be released from the muscles so they return to their normal state. Additionally, this will help us become more flexible, and say goodbye to having difficulty even with simple movements like bending down or squatting after exercise. Moreover, it can improve our performance in sports. For example, runners like me can ask for a massage that will target the hamstrings, and we can actually increase our endurance and speed.

Promote Muscle Recovery

After an intense workout, our muscles need to, of course, recover. Though this happens naturally, a massage can fast track this by improving circulation in our body. This means important nutrients and oxygen get to the muscles and tissues quickly. It can also help us exercise better later on, as more oxygen is available in our blood stream.

Relieve Pain

As athletes, we know that pain is common after a workout or a game. This is actually caused by muscles that are consistently tense and tight. Over time, this soreness and aching will get worse and might lead to serious injury. Going for a post-workout body massage will address the swelling and throbbing.

Increase Range of Motion

As the massage makes your muscles less tight after exercise, they operate in their normal relaxed state. This allows your joints to also perform at its usual range of motion. Without that relaxing treatment, your movements become restricted. 

Rest and Relaxation

The touch of a qualified massage therapist can not only help relieve pain and promote healing, it can bring a whole host of psychological benefits as well. Just like in the spa, you feel instantly clear, relaxed and less stressed while lying on that table. This goes the same after a workout. After strenuous exercise, your body is very tense and you might have lost a lot of energy. 

Going for a relaxing massage can help you recover and rest. Even your mind gets clear of all that clutter that bothers you daily. At the same time, you are able to sleep better later on in the night. You are then able to fully recover and wake up without any fatigue. This leaves you ready and motivated for another day of being active.

If you still doubt that this is truly beneficial, you can even refer to studies that prove and explain the effect in a scientific way. One specific research looked at the muscle tissues of those who went through and didn’t go through a massage after exercise. They discovered that massage was able to switch on the genes responsible for decreasing inflammation. 

At the same time, other genes that promote the creation of mitochondria, where energy is stored in our cells, becomes activated during a massage. More mitochondria are good because fitter muscle cells tend to have them in larger numbers. This is because they help get and use oxygen. Although exercise doubles the amount of mitochondria as well, combining it with a post-workout massage can increase their numbers even more. This can ultimately lead to enhanced muscle growth and recovery.

Science has even backed up the benefits that can be felt by booking a session after exercise or practicing sports. This is, for me, the most important because I want to be sure that I am always doing the best for my body. When you are an active athlete like me, you want to stay active and healthy for as long as possible because being stuck in a bed or being less mobile is unimaginable. This is why I have decided to include post-workout massages in my ritual to continue to promote fitness and better performance of my body. What’s best is that they are also available at my physiotherapy clinic, which means I do not even have to go somewhere else to enjoy one.

The Perks of Investing Outside of the City

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apartmentDespite the boom of apartment buildings in the center of Melbourne, I am not yet convinced to invest in one. I have been thinking about buying my own property for a few months now, and I have been putting a lot of thought into where I see myself living in the future. Although young people find living in the middle of it all very exciting, because they can easily go out to the bars and clubs, I am of a different opinion. 

First of all, living in these new high-rise flats offer significantly less space. In Melbourne’s Inner city, a standard one bedroom has only 42 m2, and 52 m2 for 2 bedrooms. If you are considering having a family in the future like I do, this is simply too small. At the same time, children will not have as much space to run and play around. There are also health impacts of living in the city, where pollution tends to be worse than in the suburbs.

Another concern is the cost. There is a premium for living within a stone’s throw to offices and entertainment options. You do tend to save a bit of money on transport, but it does not make up for the big difference in pricing. After looking online at realty offices like http://www.chillirealty.com.au/, I became more convinced that I might get more value for my buck outside of the city.

After browsing through the properties offered by Chilli Realty, I decided to drop by and look at some of their offerings outside of the city center. They had a few apartments and townhouses available in the areas I was interested in, but I also wanted to get their advice on the best area to invest in. After all, I was not an expert in the market in Melbourne and I wanted an insider’s look at where the up-and-coming suburbs are. Not only is it important to buy where the value will most likely go up, but where it is great to live in as well. I definitely consider residing there myself instead of just renting it out.

In my opinion, these are the advantages of buying an apartment or townhouse out of the city:

More Space but Not Too Much

The apartments and townhouses in the suburbs already have much more space than the high-rise flats quite common in the center. They are also generally much cheaper as well when you consider the size versus the price of the property.  

Buying an apartment instead of a house is much better for a single woman like me as well. Although it is tempting to buy a house with a garden just in case I have kids in the future, I was also not a fan of having to do much work taking care of plants and shrubs. Instead, a place with a balcony was the perfect property for me. I could still enjoy my weekends doing what I want instead of cleaning a huge home and clearing up the yard. 

Better Quality

There have been reports coming around that these inner city high-rise buildings are not of great quality. Popular for investors coming from outside the country, growth has been tremendous. Most have also been attracted by the lower rates when they buy pre-construction, so some have fallen victim to substandard flats delivered in the end. Unless your realtor knows the developer or their finished projects well, be very careful buying without seeing the end product.

Some of the apartments or townhouses on the outskirts of the city might be a bit older, and not as modern as the high-rise ones, but having the chance to actually visit the place allows you to really see its real condition. As for me, going to view properties was a very good experience to also survey and have a better feel of the neighborhood.

Good Investment

Although houses will still go up in value, apartments might be better investment properties. Houses with gardens in the market are usually further out of the city, and reselling or renting them out might be more difficult than a flat or townhouse. They will be easier, cheaper and more attractive for tenants. Just in case I would not end up living there, I would always have the option of finding someone to let the place out.

In fact, some of the properties I ended up viewing were not even too far off from the city and are thriving neighborhoods with great transport options. Quieter and greener, they offer a great living experience without the high price tag and the busyness of the inner city. With the help of Chilli Realty, I was able to narrow down my options and find the perfect spot for me. I don’t need to search further just to find a reliable real estate service provider.

Consulting a Physiotherapist Due to an Ankle Sprain

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sprained ankleAs an experienced jogger, I want to avoid injuries. This is also why I invest in good footwear and try to do some stretches before heading out for a run. However, sometimes the inevitable can happen and ankles do get sprained.

It finally happened to me while I was a bit distracted. I twisted my ankle as I fell, so decided to head home immediately for some sprained ankle initial treatment. I had read a bit about this online, and I knew that this is very important in making sure that the damaged ligaments and tissues are protected and will heal well. However, the pain was a bit on the extreme side, so I had a feeling that I might have injured it quite a bit.

I then came to a decision to consult a professional, because I wanted to be on the safe side and have the extent of the injury thoroughly checked. As an active person, I also want to make sure that the foot heals well and that risks of further sprains are reduced. So I went to this new physiotherapy Balwyn clinic close to my home to get some  advice. I knew that they would be experts in handling such problems and will be able to guide me back to full mobility as soon as possible.

During my first visit, the goal was to identify the severity of my sprain. For those who may not be aware, a sprained ankle is actually a tear to the ligament which connects bones. In our ankles, there are 3 bands of this connective tissue, and when there is excessive movement, it gets injured. The damage can vary, as differentiated into the following:

Grade 1 Sprain: this is when only a few of the ligament’s fibers get torn. This is normally accompanied by some pain, but the ankle retains almost full functionality.

Grade 2 Sprain: quite a significant number of the fibers get torn, meaning mobility is hindered and the joint becomes a bit unstable.

Grade 3 Sprain: all of the lateral fibers are ruptured, leading to a lot of pain, loss of function and joint instability is major.

Most ankle sprains are of the Grade 2 variety, which though not as bad as the Grade 3, are still quite painful and do mean some damage in the ligaments. In my case, I heard an audible snap as I twisted my ankle, and after I got home, I could already see that it had started swelling and feeling quite painful. These are common signs of such an injury. As was also typical, the pain became even worse the day after.

I was not able to anymore put any weight on the affected foot, so I was obviously limping around with a swollen ankle. I was also barely able, or if I could, it hurt quite a lot, when I would point the foot downwards. It was definitely a classic sprain, but my physiotherapist also decided to have an X-ray done to be sure of the extent of the damage. Other ways to do this is to have an ultrasound, an MRI or even a CT scan. In cases of more than normal pain, it is better to be sure that there are no other injuries, like a fracture.

Thankfully, after the examination, it turned out to be more painful than it really is, so it was a typical Grade 2 sprain. However, there was still the matter of the intense pain. It was already 2 days after the accident and was happy to get some expert advice with the hope that the sprain will then heal much faster.

I explained to my therapist that I had been doing the typical PRICE treatment on my foot. This means, Protecting my foot; Resting the ankle;  Icing it for 15 minutes every 2 hours; Compression or using a bandage to reduce the swelling; and Elevation or keeping it up on a chair or some pillows. I also avoided HARM (Heat, Alcohol, Running or Massage) during these 2 days because I was informed that this would make the injury worse.

Professionals at the clinic had agreed that I had taken the right first steps, but in order to now facilitate the healing of the torn ligament fibers, I should consider going through some physiotherapy.

First was to have some soft tissue massage since after 72 hours this is allowed. The purpose is to make the pain less and to support the healing process. At the same time, some joint mobilization exercises were also conducted. Lastly, I was scheduled for exercises to improve flexibility and to make sure that the whole foot is strengthened. This will actually prevent future sprains as well.

The treatment by my physiotherapy clinic was perfect because although mild to moderate sprains do heal by itself in time, it is not recommended for athletes like me. This is because I will most likely continue to be active and run the risk of spraining it again. The only, and quick, way to do it is to have a therapist work with you on the healing, but at the same time, strengthening exercises on your foot. Otherwise, I might continue to have more damaging injuries in the future.

A Closer Look at the Health Benefits of Lemons

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Benefits of LemonAside from the fact that it makes for an excellent ingredient for marinating and its zest makes for an excellent flavor addition to pastries, lemons are truly marvelous fruits that are packed with all the nutrients you will ever need to stay healthy. In fact, with so many health benefits of lemon it is no wonder why some people call it the wonder fruit. From detoxification to immune system enhancement to tissue repair and regeneration to weight loss enhancements to skin health changes, there simply are so many benefits that drinking a warm glass of lemon every single morning can do for you.

Here are some of the wonderful health benefits of lemon.

Boosts the Immune System

Vitamin C has always been equated with strengthening of the immune system. It should be noted that the immune system is not a single organ system and is actually composed of many cells and tissues working together to ward off infection. The ‘saponin’ contained in lemons have been shown to be particularly effective in its antimicrobial properties. Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C also has an excellent anti-inflammatory effects. It is also rich in potassium which can help stimulate optimum nervous system functioning which is an essential component in the immune system response. So, when your mom tells you to drink your warm glass of lemon juice, you might want to take it especially if you have cold and flu.

Aids in Healing

Without a doubt, the Vitamin C in lemons can help in tissue repair. It helps mitigate the effects of inflammation and allows injured tissues to heal properly. When tissues are irritated they undergo a series of physiologic and morphologic changes. The potassium found in lemons can help regulate blood pressure so that more blood is delivered to the injured tissues. This blood is filled with the necessary substances to help ward off infection as well as the essential building blocks for tissue repair and regeneration. That is why athletes and other individuals who are more susceptible to various tissue injuries have to take a lot of Vitamin c to help in tissue repair and regeneration. You don’t actually have to pop Vitamin C pills or get injections. A glass of lemonade every day should keep your tissues healthy.

Improves Skin Health

The human skin is naturally acidic, typically around a pH of 4.0 to 6.5, and is one of the primary defense mechanisms of the human body. The acidic environment helps neutralize certain microorganisms that are susceptible to an acidic environment in addition to helping skin cells grow. If the skin pH is alkaline, bacteria tend to grow and the skin cells do not function normally. This predisposes one to the development of acnes and other skin infections. Therefore, a key to having healthy glowing skin is to get lots of citrus fruits that are naturally rich in vitamin C.

Helps in Detoxification

A glass of warm lemon water every morning has been shown to be effective in stimulating bowel movements in patients with certain forms of cancers. This can greatly aid in better digestion and help facilitate the removal of unwanted toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. The naturally high concentration of substances found in lemons have also been shown to help improve the frequency and volume of urination leading experts to believe that lemon water can be an effective way of detoxification. The citric acid component of lemons can help enhance the function of protein enzyme systems which can greatly improve the function of the liver. This, in turn, enhances the rate at which toxins are metabolized, processed, and eliminated from the body.

Enhances Weight Loss Efforts

This should be a welcome news for people who want to lose weight. Lemons are quite high in pectin which has been shown by studies to be particularly beneficial in staving off hunger pangs. If you feel like your tummy will be grumbling anytime soon, downing a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice usually does the trick into forcing your brain to think that it is not yet hungry. But of course, if your last meal was last night and it is already 3 pm of the next day, then that is not healthy, too.

Lemon is not just an excellent fruit under the citrus family, it also does a lot of wonders for the health from the skin down to internal organs of the body. Best thing of all is that the fruit is generally cheap. You can even have a plant grow into a tree in your own garden. So, the next time you see lemons at the farmer’s market or grocery store, never leave without buying a handful of eat.

Important And Useful Information On Staying Young And Beautiful

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Portrait of happy smiling young beautiful woman in fitness wear holding grocery shopping bag with healthy vegetarian food, outdoors

Everyone wants to look youthful and beautiful for life. Looking young, stylish and fresh is part of looking healthy. First, it is important to understand what is meant beauty. Being attractive and admired are the attributes of being beautiful. Women with smooth skin and well-toned body are considered to be beautiful. To this add a killer smile, sound brain, and a kind heart. It turns out to be a classic beauty. Artificial makeup is not considered real beauty. In final, beauty is a complete combination of color, structure, form and aesthetic sense.

Perfect weight is perfect beauty
A clean and flawless skin alone does not radiate beauty. Perfect body weight is instrumental for looking beautiful. Maintaining an ideal weight can promote natural beauty. Excess fat can only make you look plump and unhealthy. Eating healthy and active adds to the beauty. Checking your weight and keeping it under control can make you look beautiful irrespective of your age.

Beautiful young woman drinking water after training

Define health
Health is comprehensive. It is a combination of physical and mental well-being. Health is not defined as the nonexistence of diseases. You present body weight determines you health. If you are either overweight or underweight, you will have health issues shortly. For a sound health, it is important to have a balanced body weight.

How to gain healthy weight?
Healthy weight is not about diet; it is all about a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle includes nutritional diet, controlled calories and physical exercise. If you control your weight your beauty is enhanced naturally. A healthy weight is vital to determine both your outer and inner beauty. A comprehensive weight management program is all about staying fit and beautiful irrespective of your biological age.

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Tip To Stay Beautiful And Healthy

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eating-healthyTo start with enjoying a well-balanced diet regularly. Natural food is the best way to remain healthy. Avoid junk and processed food as they can increase your weight and can lead to obesity. Whole grains, green vegetables, cereals, organic fruits, white meat and water. Skipping a meal to reduce weight can be detrimental to your health.

Start with a protein rich breakfast. The first meal of the day has to be rich and energized. It can help you start the day with full vigor. Burn excess calories by staying active. It can help to maintain a balanced body weight. Go green, walk instead of driving.

Skin-care-tips-in-order-to-stay-beautifulHygiene is also part of staying healthy and beautiful. Hygiene can help you stay free from diseases. Motivate yourself by staying young, healthy and beautiful. Just like how your face is important, care should be taken to cleanse your neck, chest, and arms. Keep your body hydrated and cleansed daily.

Stay away from harsh sunlight and pollution. Sweat and stress can also cause damage to your skin. To promote a smooth and flawless skin, it is important to maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and adequate sleep. Use products that can remain the dirt and grease from your skin. Ensure you use natural products. Chemical based beauty products can be harsh on the skin and can damage the cells.

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